Our commitment to safety is beyond compare. With an accident rate of less than .01% year after year, you will have relaxed, hassle-free transportation every time you travel with Advantage Ground Transportation. Our extensively trained chauffeurs are here to provide you with excellent service and to be the safest drivers on the road.

Safetrac.us provides Advantage Ground Transportation with a risk-management program used to enhance safety and reduce collision frequencies. Drivers receive not only on-the-job training, but also continued education on safe driving and defensive driving via video, Internet, and driver awareness training sessions.

As with all passenger carriers, we are carefully regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Our drivers are subject to pre-employment, random, post-accident and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol testing. They are mandated to perform pre-trip inspections of their vehicles and to keep accurate records of hours worked and services performed. We must also participate in the DMV Employer Pull Notice program which alerts Advantage Ground Transportation to all infractions, moving violations, and/or accidents that a driver was involved in whether or not it was on company time. More than 2 occurrences in any three-year period would preclude that driver from servicing clients.

Operating Authorities may be verified, along with current insurance coverages at www.cpuc.ca.gov using the transportation / passenger carrier links.