To the Airport/Cruise Terminal

Our private chauffeurs arrive at your location 15 minutes before the predetermined pickup time in order to load luggage, seat children, verify payments, confirm return details as necessary and assist you with any other needs you may have before departure.

At the Airport - Curbside Pickup

Our dispatcher will track your inbound flight and alert your private chauffeur who will be waiting for you in a staging area on airport property as to your exact arrival time. After you have collected your luggage, you call our dispatcher on our toll-free 800 number, he gets a description of you and tells you where to stand and what vehicle to look for. He then sends your driver to the curb to collect you. Your wait time is low - only 5 to 10 minutes depending on which airport and airport traffic. By choosing curbside pickup at any commercial airport, you will save yourself time and money.

At the Airport - Meet and Greet

This is our VIP service. Your personal chauffeur will park his vehicle inside the airport and go into baggage claim with a sign with your name and/or your company name as applicable. After making contact, he will help with your luggage and walk you to the curb. Next, he will go get the vehicle and swing back around to pick you up. This service is especially helpful with serving VIP’s, guests from overseas, single parents with small children or anyone who may require extra assistance with their luggage. Meet & Greets typically take only an extra 15 minutes or so of your time and the extra charge for this is minimal.

At the Airport - Private Terminals/Chartered Aircraft

If you are traveling via charter our dispatcher will also track the flight using the aircraft’s 'Tail Number.' Your chauffeur will check in with the front desk agent and wait for your arrival in the designated waiting area. There is no extra fee for this service.

At the Cruise Terminal

Curbside or Meet & Greet services are available at the sea ports as well.

Online Reservation Requests

Reservations may be requested online. Once received, a reservation specialist will respond by e-mail or phone within 2 hours. For this reason, we ask that online reservations be made with at least 12 hours notice from the scheduled pickup time.